Rugby Canada volunteers play an integral role in the presentation of our events.  Our athletes take care of business on the field of competition, while volunteers and event staff are responsible for what happens in the stands and stadium.

Rugby Canada

  • Volunteer Today

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  • Roles of a Rugby Canada volunteer

    We are responsible for the quality execution of Rugby Canada events. From fan zone operations, hospitality, team services, media and more, we are the ones who help ensure that the fans and athletes have a memorable experience.

    We are in the Sports-Entertainment business.  That means that we strive to provide an entertaining atmosphere for everyone who enters our rugby pitches.  As a member of our volunteer team, you play an important role in the Rugby Canada experience for our fans and supporters.

    Rugby Canada carries with it a large and loyal fan base, which follows the plights of our teams.  As such, our National Teams give Rugby Canada tremendous exposure in the community.  Rugby Canada receives daily coverage nationally in various print, and other media outlets.  Thus, we must always provide a professional and enjoyable atmosphere for all of our events.

  • What Rugby Canada volunteers will receive

    • A Rugby Canada branded shirt and/or other apparel
    • Meals and snacks during the volunteer shift
    • The chance to contribute to an event featuring Canada’s best players, officials and coaches
    • Upon request, a Letter of Reference confirming your participation as a volunteer will be provided