No bells. No whistles. Bold, straight forward, and genuine. This is Rugby. This is Canada.

Rugby Canada

Our brand was built on the themes that make this sport remarkable. Courage, tradition, honour, perseverance, and straight up fun.



Rugby is hard, sometimes brutally so. Bravery is thus a major unifying trait. Whether it’s a sloppy pitch, foul weather or burly opponents, the rugby player relishes adversity.


Yes, the modern world has produced tweaks to our game, like Rugby Sevens. But essentially the sport remains much as it has been for a century and a half. Each player knows that history, and wears it with pride. To pull on a rugby jersey is to take one’s place in a long and rich heritage.

Our Tribe

When two rugby players meet away from the pitch, their social bond is immediate. In that sense, everyone is on the same team. But beneath that, there are many clans, with rich and specific customs that can be found in every club in the country. It involves family too. Brother follows brother and daughter follows mother.


How does one tackle another human being with respect? In rugby, that is a persistent theme: the seeming dissonance of fostering sportsmanship along with an assassin’s mentality. There’s a noble etiquette to making hard plays the right way, and rugby celebrates it every day.


Fatigue, pain and mental exhaustion are byproducts of rugby. But the players whom we cherish most, and go the farthest in the sport, are those who routinely overcome them. The refusal to quit may not be as fashionable as it once was, yet it remains rugby’s foundational characteristic and a key source of satisfaction to its players.


Beyond all the challenge and socializing that emblemize the sport, it bears constant reminding that rugby is a straight-up blast, one that ticks all the athletic boxes. Sprinting, leaping, diving, catching. Core strength, foot speed, co-ordination, anticipation, plus the constant refining of the skills of boot and hand. Scoring. Celebrating, win or lose. And, occasionally, heading to the bar.